Websites are like tattoos…

Websites are like tattoos – great ones aren’t cheap (or free).

We have done a great job of conditioning ourselves that if a service can’t be done DIY or price matched – it’s expendable. I’ve seen examples time and time again – I’m not paying someone for a logo when my niece knows how to use the paint program on her computer, it’s just picking a font, right? I’ll save a ton of money designing my website myself – functionality doesn’t matter I just need to get online. Sales are down this quarter, it’s time to slash our marketing/advertising budget (probably the worst thing you could do).

It’s true no one knows your business or your brand better than you. It doesn’t mean that you always know the best way to communicate your message to your customers or clients AND get them to take action. Great websites are not all about the visual. Great website designers take into account your brand, your message, your mission and develop a true role for that website to play in building your brand and your business.  It guides visitors down a predetermined path with the destination being conversion using a specific call-to-action. (BUY NOW, GET STARTED, LEARN MORE, SIGN UP, etc.)

To site some over-dramatic examples, I’m not qualified to perform surgery I’d have to call a surgeon. I’m not qualified to build myself a new house, I’d have to call a contractor. It’s ok to invest in professionals. I say invest because of the value they provide that can not be directly related to price.

Website conversions = more $$ for you. Great websites are an investment, not an expense.

What’s one of the most common mistakes web designers make?

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