I Chose the Worst Time…


After months…and months of sitting on Arrow in the Armor -I ¬†finally decided to release it on Tuesday October 29. A week later I’m still excited, I’m still nervous – even with all the positive feedback it’s received so far. These last few months have totally been outside my comfort zone. If you don’t know, my lovely wife and I found out in August that we are expecting twin girls. Almost immediately after the incredible news – we found out that they have twin-to-twin transfusion syndrome which would require a surgical intervention, in Cincinnati, if we wanted the pregnancy to continue. We left for Cincinnati on labor day.

After eight days in Cincinnati we returned home. My wife on modified bed-rest and weekly trips to a specialist 2-hrs away. Taking it one week at a time for almost 8 weeks. During this time I began planning a re-launch of my freelance business which I started in 2011 – called Origin Brothers. This time I decided I was going to do it right. I filed for an LLC – and EIN – and started budgeting for some advertising. I had been in this dichotomy for nearly a year about relaunching my business. Ever find yourself saying “it’s just not the right time”, “there will be a better time”, “I’m not QUITE ready”.

I chose November 1 as my official re-launch date for Origin Brothers, LLC. I submitted my resignation to my current, overall satisfying position. My wife, still on modified bed-rest but just approved for 8 hrs per week of part-time work. Talk about scary. Instead of trying to find the best time to take a risk – I decided to choose the absolute worst time. Why? I was already so far outside my comfort zone, what previously looked like a HUGE step – now seemed like barely a step at all. A lateral move, if you will.

On October 29 – the release of Arrow in the Armor and three days before the official relaunch of Origin Brothers – we found out that the membrane separating the twins had broke. Meaning instead of being in two separate sacks they were now in one. The risk of cord entanglement and other complications resulted in our doctor recommending my wife be admitted to the hospital for the remainder of the pregnancy, which will now go no further than 32 weeks.

So on the day of my official re-launch. I found myself and my 4 year old daughter driving to the hospital to admit my wife – her mother, for the next 6 weeks ( 2hrs from our home).

There is no perfect time to take a chance – sometimes it’s MUCH easier to embrace change when you’re already caught up in the whirlwind of it all. Uncomfortable is feeling I’ve been learning to embrace as opposed to fight. Uncomfortable is freedom.


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