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Locusts in the Field

Locusts in the field, lay dying with my list A kiss of morning dew, insects in the mist Carry prairie flowers, wilted dominance Tilted barren plains, rusted abandoned Trains, mysterious elements mercury Vicarious thoughts, caught in the swarm Deafening hum, suffering some now

Blacksmith in the Kitchen

Drip drop from copper faucets Copper pots and pans copper Pennies brushed nickel ceiling Fans aluminum cans Point with titanium joints An iron man with an iron hide Open me up – what’s inside?

Angels on Main Street

Ambient glow outter light becomes inner Slow repentant life of a sinner they said Wait good things will come I’m dead Guess the good things took too long With the exception of the daisies I’m pushing up while wearing a paisley Tie and suit I didn’t even pick out myself.

The Tragic Death of Miss Isabelle Greene

Overcast skies cool autumn breeze Green leaves no longer colorful deceit Quaint little cottage solitary and neat Faint wail of the banshee sight unseen The tragic death of Miss Isabelle Greene Muted gold from a swaying latern Swaying flame stating swaying pattern Staying same barely staying sane She’s staring intently at the rain Graze her […]

A Warrior Waits

Beneath the gray sky and barren trees Isolated snowflakes drift in the breeze Silent as can be… Beneath the gray sky and barren trees A warrior waits… In a vast field of flowers and tall grasses Quiet and still a forfeit to the masses Still as can be… In a vast field of flowers and […]


Whispers The breeze will make you paranoid Teasing trees twisting positions Insisting mystery is magical Mission, moss north direction Injecting glorified ghost stories Horrified hauntings and bad decisions Sad positions of wavering grasses Shifty masses wallowing shadows No meadows in sight mighty oaks Mentally unstable unable to stand Straight, fate’s in the wind Touched by […]