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I’m generally a pretty pessimistic person. My wife would be the fist to tell you that I generally look at the downside in any given situation. That being said, I was very tempted to type up a big Forget(edited) You 2013 article. It was a tough year, especially the second half. I’ve been on an […]

I Chose the Worst Time…

Greetings, After months…and months of sitting on Arrow in the Armor -I  finally decided to release it on Tuesday October 29. A week later I’m still excited, I’m still nervous – even with all the positive feedback it’s received so far. These last few months have totally been outside my comfort zone. If you don’t […]

Websites are like tattoos…

Websites are like tattoos – great ones aren’t cheap (or free). We have done a great job of conditioning ourselves that if a service can’t be done DIY or price matched – it’s expendable. I’ve seen examples time and time again – I’m not paying someone for a logo when my niece knows how to […]

5 Marketing Tips

Beginning a new year always seems to feel refreshing. It’s a time of reflection and resolutions. It can also be a time of nervousness and fear – especially if you aren’t sure how to get your business to the next level (or off the ground floor), and how your marketing fits into the grand scheme […]